Message from the CEO

Online visibility is the new "door to door" approach of getting new leads and clients.

From computer repair to beyond, CBCP has the tools and the knowledge to accelerate your aspirations!


Jared (Nick) Futch  (Founder and CEO)

USAF OEF Veteran, graduate of VCU '15 Physics, member of Tau Sigma National Honor Society. I want to see people succeed in their dreams that they are passionate about. I love fixing peoples computers so quick that my customers are amazed and surprised how competitively inexpensive it is!

About the Business

CBCP LLC has beend developing over the years. From simple computer repair to integrated websites and program development for businesses. With over 20 years of computer repair and coding experience, CBCP stands behind the claims of boosted traffic and customers coming to you! 100% Guarenteed. CBCP is licensed and insured.

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History of our company

Jared Futch served in the USAF from 2006-2012. He served in Afghanistan part of OEF in 2009-2010 as a joint tasking deployment with the Army. He graduated VCU in 2015 and has now decided to take everything he has learned from scripting in the military, personal background on computer repair, and coding taught from VCU to form a unique business that covers a wide range of products, programs, options, and service.

No job is to small, no job is to large. CBCP LLC is there for you and we are committed to making sure you see results INSTANTLY!