What can CBCP do for you or your business?

US Veteran ran, CBCP is operated by Jared Futch who has a B.S. in Physics and Biomathematics from VCU in 2015. He also has extensive experience with computers, coding, and program development.

From website creation to manging business platforms and social and web integration for better web visibility to simple computer repair, CBCP can do it all with the quality on par with other web developers but considerably more affordable!

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What are you Goals?


Data and user tracking

CBCP can provide data tracking and specific user measurements to ensure your ads and business are being targeted to exactly who you want!


Expansion and Growth

Guarenteed to increase your footprint in the online world, CBCP can provide significant expansion and growth to your business. Contact now to learn about different programs.


Computer Repair or Upgrade

No job is too small, from coding and on, CBCP is still dedicated to fixing and upgrading personal computer for an unmatched cost guaranteed!

A New Digital Future Awaits

Do NOT let your business suffer as we are changing to a more online interactive business solution situation. We are here to help and provide you with tools and accessibility you need TODAY!

Growth is Inevitable

Putting in the right work and focus makes for inevitable growth. Grow your online platform for your business!


2020 Doesn't have to be a dark time, we can rise above with learning more about what can be integrated with your business to apps to website and having your very own online marketplace!

This is the oppurtunity to take a step ahead of your competitors!

Seize the moment today. Your business has the potential to grow astronomically, contact CBCP TODAY!

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